MDI 8 RapidFire Workout
Sustainable Fitness.
A workout program to last a lifetime.
That's the purpose of MDI 8 RapidFire.
MDI 8 RapidFire is a workout program that requires NO exercise equipment.
It's just you working out. And most importantly, it's fun!
MDI 8 RapidFire is brought to you by Michael Nichols, who is

from the Marine Corps film franchise Black Friday: Dark Dawn.
Six Workouts : Three DVDs
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Abdominals
  • Upper Body Blaster
  • Back to Basics Total Body Workout
  • One-On-One with Michael Nichols in the Garage
  • MDI 8 Fitness Class Recorded Live in San Diego
As part of your workout program, you can also order Michael Nichols' book, Fit Body Rich Life.
  • Great additional resource to the fitness DVDs
  • Book outlines various exercises in photos
  • Helps assess why your health is not optimal
  • Words on success and how not to quit
  • Diet advice and recipes
  • Calories and vitamin intake
  • Worksheets and Resources
  • Prepare your mind for a healthier life
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And see why this workout is designed to get you and KEEP YOU in shape.
Many of Michael Nichols' MDI 8 clients have trained with him for years. With Results That Show.
"I am running, jumping, and pushing myself way beyond what I ever thought I could do!"
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Try this five minute bonus workout now and see for yourself!
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Who is Michael Nichols?

Michael Nichols is a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator of MDI 8. Michael is known around the world as SSGT Nichols for his lead role in the motion picture film series Black Friday: Dark Dawn. As the Senior Drill Instructor, SSGT Nichols was responsible for training recruits and making them into United States Marines.

It was in the United States Marine Corps that Michael's foundation in fitness started. Although most well known for his role as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Michael's service also included combat missions in Al Asad, Iraq.

Black Friday: Dark Dawn Official Series Trailer

In 2009, Michael returned to California, where he created MDI 8 Fitness Boot Camp. Michael has also produced the documentary Houseless, in order to raise awareness of homelessness, particularly among military veterans.

Michael is a certified personal trainer with the National Federation of Professional Trainers and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree.

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