Black Friday: Dark Dawn Marine Corps Boot Camp Film Series
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Do you want to see FOR REAL what happens in Marine Corps Boot Camp?
Black Friday: Dark Dawn I, II, III and 4 give it to you!
***Feature Length Motion Pictures***
Filmed ON LOCATION at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
You get to see the INSIDER view of US Marine Corps Boot Camp - the real deal with NO Hollywood spin.
"These video's are amazing. WOW how this brought back memories! You did an incredible job showcasing the dedication and grit that it takes to turn recruits into Marines. You should be very proud of this work." John

"I have to say this is great stuff... Hell of a job!" Paul

"Thank you for what appears to be the premier series on Marine Corps Boot Camp." Brian
Unfettered camera access throughout boot camp, including recruit receiving, the obstacle course, pugil stick fighting, the barracks, rifle range and more!

"I felt like I was in boot camp all over again. Absolutely the best documentary of USMC recruit training I have ever seen. I was an infantry Marine for 8 years." Gabe
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Black Friday: Dark Dawn I Runtime:
Black Friday: Dark Dawn II Runtime:
Black Friday: Dark Dawn III Runtime:
Black Friday: Dark Dawn 4 Runtime:
1 Hour 41 Minutes
1 Hour 47 Minutes
2 Hours 40 Minutes
2 Hours 20 Minutes
Black Friday: Dark Dawn III is a longer film with a viewing time of over 2 hours and 30 minutes!

Black Friday: Dark Dawn 4 (2016) takes the Platoon to Field Training! Viewing time is 2 hours 20 minutes.
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